Road Runs

After the club was established in 1987 it was a natural progression to incorporate a Road Runs side. This started with one annual organised run but now has a selection of organised runs catering for a variety of bike ages added to the calendar and even the occaisonal weekend event.

The Road Runs section is very sociable and although we prefer it if you ride a classic of some description we will still speak to you if you don't! Some members prefer classic British bikes, whilst others ride older Italian, German or Japanese bikes. We don't mind as long as you appreciate classic machinery and understand that modern and classic machines have different needs and characteristics when being ridden together on a Road Run.

Presently it is all hands to the pump organising road runs and we have a sub committee who do just that, organising runs to suit all bikes and riders.

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Road Runs: THE LIFEBOAT RUN 2018

17 / 6 / 2018
The Red Lion, 468 Wellsway, Bath. BA2 2UA

Charity Run in aid of the RNLI Lifeboats. Starting from The Red Lion, Odd Down, Bath. BA2 2UA 09.30 for 10.30 depart to an RNLI Station All bikes welcome, any age, any size. £5.00 minimum donation. ALL monies to RNLI.

Road Runs: 3rd Wednesday Evening Run 20th June 2018

McD's Bath to Tuckers Grave Faulkland BA3 5XF

3rd Weds Evening Run 20th June 2018

Leave McDonalds 7.30 pm headind to Tuckers Grave Inn. Faulkland. BA3 5XF

Enjoy the evening run to a wonderful Ale & Cider House or go directly there. ALL Welcome

Road Runs: Chicken Run

Sunday 15th July 2018
Venue MerkinsCafe, Bradford Leigh, Bradford-on-Avon. BA15 2RW

Bring out the small stuff! A run for any machine of any age as long as its under 350cc or a sidevalve or pre-war of any capacity.

This run will be in support of the Air Ambulance.  09.30 sign on for 10.30 depart. 

Merkins Cafe, Bradford Leigh,Bradford-on Avon, BA15 2RW

For details contact Judy 01225 769223 or email


MerkinsCafe, Bradford Leigh, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 2RW


Sunday 15th July 2018. 09.32 to 10.00 for 10.30 Depart.

Merkins Cafe Bradford Leigh. BA15 2RW.

Up to 350cc.any age bike. Pre-war, Side-valve or Two-stroke any capacity.

Riders of any age, gender or persuasion.

Leader, Andy Rowett, Tail-end-charlie, Jim Gladdis.

Private Lakes, Private Estates, Private Planes. See how the other half lives!

Road Runs: AGM

Weston Ex-Services Association Brookfield Road Bath BA1 4JQ